Rexavar pills

There are two negatives with Rexavar. One, unlike many other products that can be taken any time, Rexavar requires that you take it on an empty stomach. This means no food in your stomach for 2 to 3 hours. So you either have to take them first thing in the AM or late at night. The other issue is the company has been having trouble keeping up with orders. Originally when it came out it was an underground hit with those in the know. Porn guys love it. But recently it has gotten some major media attention and it has gone from underground sensation to a full-blown phenomenon. I have seen it selling on Amazon for $30 and even $50 above its regular price. Get it if you can, as the results are second to none. GRADE A++

One thing that I want to get out of the way is the confusion about male enhancement supplements such as this. Contrary to what some may claim, this will not enlarge your penis in the sense that there will be some permanent gain in size. The way that they get away with these claims is that the supplement could help boost testosterone and nitric oxide levels enough so that your erection quality is significantly increased. The result would be that your erections are as large as they could possibly be – like when you are really turned-on. Therefore, so-called penis pills such as Rexavar are mainly for erection quality, energy, the libido and overall sexual wellbeing.

Rexavar pills

rexavar pills


rexavar pillsrexavar pillsrexavar pillsrexavar pillsrexavar pills