Nap them 50 pin

Weight: weigh right at the lowest point on optimum weight for your height and body build. You’ll be slender. Exercise: be very active and include very strenuous activity and aerobic activity. Take one day a week off.
Diet: Eat plant-based food mostly. Include olive oil, nuts, and spinach daily. A low-fat diet starves your nervous system, especially your brain, and that’s something you don’t want to do. But the fat needs to be healthy, plant-based fat.
Raise a garden. Food fresh from the garden tastes best and allows you to eat a great deal of healthy food without breaking your food budget.

Napping can help you live longer, stay more active and look younger. It recharges the brain resulting in greater alertness, improved memory retention and creative insight. Napping can make you a faster typist or a better dancer, and improve motor skills and coordination. Effects on mental health include improved mood, decreased stress and greater psychological balance. Power naps increase memory by almost 20 per cent during the remainder of the day and research conducted at Harvard highlights a power nap significantly improves performance on repetitive perceptual and cognitive tasks.

Nap them 50 pin

nap them 50 pin


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